The Plough Inn, Fulford, York

Tom and I had a spontaneous trip to The Plough Inn this evening after work. The food here is always delicious and this certainly wasn’t our first visit, however our biggest draw to this pub is Tom the resident cat (not Tom my husband).

The Plough Inn Fulford Tom Cat

When my American colleagues visit we always make sure we come for lunch at The Plough to make sure they get chance to enjoy some traditional British pub food. Classic fish and chips is always a popular choice among foreign visitors to the UK and The Plough Inn’s are of an excellent quality; unfortunately they don’t offer a gluten free batter. The portions are always generous which goes down well with the Americans, too!

Keeping the delicious fish in mind, tonight I chose salmon in a tomato and olive sauce with new potatoes and vegetables. Nice and healthy and of course gluten free, though we did enquire and the bar staff were more than happy to double check with the kitchen that there was no hidden gluten in the recipe.

Tom had tagliatelle haddock in a creamy sauce with chili – definitely not gluten free, especially with a small, home-baked ciabatta on the side, but it looked and smelt delicious. Tom Cat agreed that it was very appetising, but as he is fifteen years old, diabetic and a touch on the large size, he isn’t allowed any tit bits. There are signs all around the pub reminding patrons that, “While Tom may look hungry, they can assure you he isn’t”.

The Plough Inn Fulford Tom Cat

He’s hard to say no to, but we just about managed to resist!

The Plough Inn at Fulford also offers a wide range of local and hand-pulled beers, and even has bed and breakfast accommodation on offer which always looks lovely. It’s about two miles out of York City Centre in the centre of Fulford, and is a pleasant walk along the river (if the weather’s nice).

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