Gluten Free at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

It’s surprisingly easy to eat Gluten Free at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

That might not be the first thing on your mind when you’re planning an outdoor day out. We’ll usually pack a Gluten Free picnic – or if we’re feeling especially lazy, Gluten Free packet sandwiches from our local M&S – to make sure I’m catered for, because there’s nothing worse than spending hours on your feet and not being able to refuel.

You can usually count on cafes to provide something simple, like a jacket potato, if there’s no specific provision being made for Gluten Free eating (or other allergens, for that matter). But after spending a cold January day at Doncaster’s amazing wildlife park, we found it’s actually very easy to eat Gluten Free at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

We timed our visit to see the painted hunting dog puppies – a cute bunch of rascals about 12 weeks old – and hoping to see the rhinos out in their paddock for the first time. The puppies didn’t disappoint, but the rhinos felt it was a bit too chilly to put in an appearance; they do come from Africa, so we don’t blame them. Even the lions got put to bed at the end of the day because it was so cold, and the king of the jungle wasn’t happy about having a bedtime.

After we’d spent a few hours strolling around – mostly taking photos of Drake, the ridiculously photogenic Amur Leopard – we were starting to get hungry, and very, very cold. We headed over to the Safari Cafe in the Safari Village (the little square of shops at the entrance to the park).

We ordered two pots of tea – to help us warm up quickly! – and had a look at the menu. I had originally planned to have hoisin duck wrap (on a gluten free wrap) but the staff were very quick to point out that the hoisin sauce unfortunately contains gluten. Everything else across the wraps and baguettes range was gluten free though, so I had a gluten free Piri Piri chicken wrap. It was very tasty and definitely hit the spot after a busy day.

You can check out all the food options to help you stay Gluten Free at Yorkshire Wildlife Park on the ‘where to eat’ section of their website. There’s a handy list of all of the Gluten Free options at their various eateries:

Gluten Free at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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